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My mission is to document intellectual, emotional and psychological environments. I trained as a photographer; however, in recent years, I’ve developed a multidisciplinary practice that includes photography, installation, collage, and drawing. This transformation was inspired by my desire to bring together my interests in image-making, space, and spectatorship. These themes continually inspire me and serve as a binding thread through all my works. My interest in installation is also rooted in my desire to create space for cross-cultural dialogue - creating such spaces, for me, is an outlet for political and social activism.

My creative process begins with a lengthy period of research and writing. I draw from scholarly research, interviews, local history, and my family archives to ground my work in lived experiences. From there, I use the camera (in-studio or on the street) to compose the foundational images of my work on film. Finally, I scan these images into my digital studio where they are combined with hand-drawn illustration and digital collage.

Conceptually, I start each project with an aspect of my own personal experience that I want to explore; then, evolve the work into a lasting statement on human nature. I describe the end-style of my work as narrative with a hint of fantasy. Often archival and found materials from my research make it into my final works. The mixture of archival, documented and imagined imagery allows me to transgress unwritten social laws and encourage viewers to look differently and imaginatively at their own existence.

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